What about insurance?
Insurance is entirely covered by our company for damage on exhibited artworks.

What about installation and delivery?
Artworks are installed by professional art handlers. Installation fee is $150 up to 4 artworks installed. Depending on the project, the fees may vary.

How long is the leasing agreement?
Artolease provides 3 to 24 month agreements. After this period, you have the choice to acquire or not the artwork with a discount according to the amount already paid.

What are the benefits if i want to acquire the artwork after a 6 month period?
After 6 months, 50% of the fees paid on an artwork will be deducted from the value of the art piece.
For a $10,000 artwork,
you have paid $2,400 in rental fees. You can now acquire the art piece for $8,800.
At the end of the leasing period, do I have to buy the artwork?
No, you have the choice to renew the contract with the same artworks, rotate the art or end the contract.